Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Real Wyoming Wants A Word With Us....

IT'S RARE I actually see a car or truck I want to stand near and wait to see who comes back to drive it. Today was the exception. As I came out of Jackson Whole Grocer (not Whole Foods Market) I was sorely tempted. When I saw this truck with dried mud all over it, and that great bumper sticker, I stood there waiting, hoping the man would return to his truck--- it has be a man who's driving this Dodge Ram. Alas, he didn't return and I had to run. But I love the man who parked the truck that had the sticker that said the truth that America is waking up to hopefully just in the nick of time before it's too late and we give away all our freedoms to runaway spending and big federal bureaucracy.

To save ourselves from Obama, Pelosi and company, we'd better be willing to get our hands dirty and our trucks real muddy. If we don't, we're in a heap of trouble.

MEANWHILE, the real Mayo Clinic wants to have a word with President Obama. It thinks his healthcare plan is real bad medicine.


Pam said...

This is great Web! Had you spotted this truck in West Virginia, I'd venture to bet one of my relatives were driving it!!

Webutante said...

Now that's funny, Pam. Wish I could get my hand on one too!