Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Coming Into the Country, From Grand Junction to Victor, Idaho

SOUTH FORK OF the fabulous Snake River in Idaho not far from the Wyoming line, and just west of Palisades dam and Conan bridge.

Driving from Green River, Utah up through Price then onto I-15 near Provo, behemoth wind turbines greeted drivers as we summited the mountain pass. A common scene of the New West.


Tregonsee said...

>>A common scene of the New West.

As a frequent visitor myself, I find it is fun to see how often they are turning, and how many are down for maintenance. Probably the best place to do this is the Coachella Valley in California. Hundreds of units turning out power, sometimes, at 7-10X the next highest cost power. But it is Green, so that must be OK.

Webutante said...

Yes, the efficiency is not particularly good nor the First and Second Laws of Thermo taken into account often. But it's an idea that seems to be catching on. And here above there are chinook winds blowing through this high mountain pass making it more feasible.

Tregonsee said...

T. Boone Pickens has a few hundred of these you could probably buy really cheaply. ;)

Best from hot, sticky TN.


Webutante said...

Ha..I bet he does.

Thanks, Treg. Must say it is unseasonably cool out here at the moment.

Bob said...

I am really enjoying your posts on Palin and McNair, and these photos of your trip west are wonderful.

Webutante said...

Thanks, Bob. Appreciate your feedback, always.