Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mechelle McNair With One of Her Four Sons By Late Husband Steve

Mechelle McNair is pictured above at her late husband's, Steve McNair's, funeral with one of their four boys. Steve died hooked on a feeling. I pray a good and faithful man comes into their lives to take the place that Steve abdicated long ago in his never ending and futile ego quest to fulfill his little idea of manhood. I pray a real man comes to take Steve's place who doesn't define manhood as profanity, pornography, alcohol, violence and threats, preying off weak women in order to momentarily feel good about himself and creating straw men to do battle with. I pray a real man--and not some cheap imitation---comes into their lives who knows that the greatest mission he can ever accomplish is to be a Godly man, a faithful and devoted husband to Mechelle and a great role model/father figure to these four hurting little boys. May God bless and comfort them all during this difficult and humiliating time.

One last thing: I've heard many people say Steve McNair was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I wonder, what if he was finally in the right place at the right time? Isn't enough, at some point, enough?


Bob said...

I was hoping you would comment on this tragedy, and you did not disappoint.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane, I recently had a conversation with a perfect stranger about this tragedy. The man I was speaking with admired Mr. McNair as a football hero and philanthropist just as the media did repeatedly. I can't help but see the tragedy in a completely different light. As you pray for a great man to come into the lives of McNair's family, I pray that Steve McNair in his last breath begged God for mercy. I pray that the youth who now know how the great football hero entertained himself and spent the greater part of his gold mine will recognize and disapprove of his lifestyle choices that were his demise. I pray that God showered his mercy on Steve McNair for the heartache that his wife will endure from his complete disregard for the sacrament of marriage and for betraying her love. And I pray that his 4 sons become men of integrity, courage, and humility and that they don't follow in the footsteps of their father. I pray that somehow they can let the young men and women who loved and admired their father know that a great man will fall if he doesn't truly fear God. I pray that we can all trust in God's mercy because if it weren't for that beautiful gift then wouldn't we all be headed for hell?

Webutante said...

Dear Anon....Amen and amen. Thank you for this comment.