Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Commenter Nellie Writes on Former Her TennCare Experience


THIS-- from commenter Nellie--- was in my comments this morning for an earlier post. It comes from a woman who was formerly a patient on TennCare for several years. I want to post it here; it speaks for itself:

"I was a patient on TennCare for several years. It was due to a financial upheavel and a pre-existing condition, and no where else to turn. Let me tell you, it was the worst health care I've ever had in my 67 yrs. on this earth. None of the good doctors would accept it and I was stuck with inferior script writers with overcrowded waiting rooms with only 1 or 2 caucasians in the entire building. Tests were never done on anyone, too expensive we were told. Another script was written, "take this twice a day and you'll feel better."

"Standard line. Oh, and I was paying TennCare $350 a mo. for this crap.I'm glad I lived thru it. Never again!"

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