Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama's Idea of Health-Care "Reform" Reminds Me of Forced Feeding

I WANT TO HIT Obama's socialist health care reform bill hard over the next few weeks because I think it has the potential to change America in the most destructive and ruinous ways possible. But first, in the spirit of one image being worth a thousand words, this is what our new administration's proposal reminds me of. It's not pretty. Watch only if you dare.
Will we let this forced feeding by the federal government and its bureaucracy happen? Will we allow government to tell us what's best for us for the sake of a small number of people---some legal and others illegal--who can be better served in a myriad of other ways? I hope to God not. I hope we'll make such a racket and register such opposition that IT, and Obama go down in flames.

This isn't just about health care. It's about the government hijacking, taking over and regulating a huge sector of our private lives from birth to death and everything in between. It's also about a price tag that is unsustainable in the medium and long run, a price tag that will bankrupt our already bankrupt country.

We need to call every Congressman and Senator over the next few weeks and register our lack of support, to put it mildly. And keep doing it. Contact info for every last one of them are on my sidebar. Just click the image of Congress, the directory comes up as a map, then click the state or states you're looking for.

The administration wants to ram (Rahm) this through again quickly before Congress' summer recess and while people are relaxed at the beach.

If we let this get by, we deserve what we will get.

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