Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ennis: And a River Runs Through It

John Tamny: Basic Economic Lessons From Las Vegas featuring "Bugsy" Siegel
IN ENNIS, LOOKING out at this very scene from every window and door. The sound is mesmerizing. A living river runs through all our lives, yet it remains to be seen whether we get on it. Are we ever willing to see the river for the stream?

Another thing, Yellowstone NP is wonderful, and the most interesting geological spot in the world, yet, if I had to drive through there again---with construction delays, wildlife, bikers, people going 20 mph in front of people wanting to go 50, RVs, winding roads, steep drop-offs, and frequent stop and gos, I'd rather not travel.

Will go 75 miles out of my way tomorrow to avoid going back through YNP. Toughest driving in the world. Going back there reminds me why, after many, many years of wall-to-wall company, I told house guests they would have to go to YNP on their own!


Tregonsee said...

In late October of 1971, I drove through YNP on my way to eventual deployment to Vietnam. Spent one night in Gardner, wandered the park, and the next night in "West." Around noon I visited Old Faithful. The ranger commented that I was the 5th person he had seen so far. I gather that with the rise of snowmobiles and cross country skying, things are a bit busier now, even in winter. ;)

Webutante said...

Yes, it seems so, Tregonesse. I was heartened to see that the economy had not kept a wide range of people from traveling. And I was also heartened to see how much new growth is coming back twenty years after the great fires----will post some pics soon of it.

Webutante said...

My personal board of directors has kindly suggested that I remove the "penis" comment by anonymous and my response.

Citing concerns for my personal safety "because someone could take my response in a way that it was not meant" and also saying "any response to this jerk was beneath me," my advisors asked me to consider removing both comments.

I agree wholeheartedly and apologize for publishing both of them. There are times I need feedback and supervision and I thank my personal board for getting me back on the straight and narrow when I wander off. And I can wander off.

In addition, in the future not only will I not publish anonymous comments, I will delete them unread.

Thank you for your forebearance.

Stacie said...

I thought it was funny.

Webutante said...

Maybe it was funny and maybe it is very true, however, my advisers who keep an eye on me thought it could have been misconstrued...and when they rarely give me feedback--I listen.

jAne said...

We typically visit Jackson and Yellowstone in May and October. Zero crowds and oh such beautiful spendor. :o)


Webutante said...

It is a wonderful time to be there, chilly nights and still warm days, especially in October.