Monday, July 13, 2009

Nothing Like Cooking With Gas and Living/Eating Simply

BEFORE COMING to Wyoming a number of years ago, I'd never cooked with gas and propane and was scared to death of it. Today I love it more than anything. It's the best. For the first two weeks here I live in a simple little cabin and lay low for a while getting adjusted to the altitude and different climate. The nearest decent grocery is 40 miles away. Nothing like eating simply cooked food like brown rice and lentils., cooked on my little four burner propane stove with oven. Here is a pic-recipe of the lentil dish I fixed, shared and ate on for several days. Above starting with onions, celery, some Roma tomatoes and olive oil. But you can use anything you have in the frig (garlic, peppers).
Finished lentils served over brown rice with cooked kale or greens and a salad. Adding raw lentils to sauteed onions etc. Takes a little longer to cook in higher altitude. Had to keep adding water along the way. Also added a top to the pot while it simmered. There's nothing like cooking with gas! And the warm lentil stew is wonderful on these chilly nights that are still down in the lower fifties and upper forties. Surely a meal to say abundant Grace over.

What I didn't have that would have been wonderful is some really good all-natural, low-sodium local sausage---like elk or bison--to slice, sautee and add to the lentils at the end. Next time, I'll be sure to put it on my list.


B said...

Stumbled upon your blog while looking for a passage from C.S. Lewis' Great Divorce. I found it here! (And linked to it - thanks.) Like your blog...Blessing to you in Wyoming from a fellow sister in Christ...and engineer (chem) N.C. B.

Webutante said...

How nice you stopped by B. Hope we stay in touch. C.S. Lewis quotes are the best!

Jungle Mom said...

Nothing beats gas!
I love lentils so will give this recipe a try.
God Bless!

Stacie said...

Electric cooktops just don't compare! Whenever we settle down permanently somewhere, gas will be a must-have...your dinner looks wonderful!

Alfred T Neuman said...

Looks great except for all that olive oil. That stuff makes your skin greasy. Try real butter.