Friday, July 10, 2009

On Sarah Palin's Resignation


TRULY NOTHING I can remember in recent times has caused me such consternation and soul searching about any subject as what I personally think of Governor Sarah Palin's surprise announcement she's resigning. I've gone round-and-round with myself over the past week sometimes thinking she's made the political blunder of the century by abandoning her elected commitment, to then thinking she's weak and a gold-digger. Of course I'd seen, heard and read for months how hateful the left MSM media is towards her and her family, but I was wary and upset she wasn't hanging tougher through all this. I didn't want to give her the benefit of the doubt. She'd made her political bed and now needed to sleep in it, at least for the next 18 months.

Now however I'm beginning to think differently about this and see it in a whole new light. After reading countless articles from the right and left over the past week, which haven't done a thing for me, yesterday a friend (thanks, CA) forwarded me a piece by Francis Rice, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, lawyer and chairman of the National Black Republican Association. It changed my heart and mind forever. This piece below astounded me and I encourage everyone to take time to read it.

It should give us all great pause. I realize now how unaware I've been of the full reality of what's gone on in Alaska since Obama's election sent her back to the Alaska statehouse. I am going to publish most of Rice's column here so readers can decide for themselves. I now believe Palin's decision was more than justified and that she did the right thing to resign for her family first, and too for the people of Alaska. Her enemies were putting her and the business of Alaska in untenable gridlock. The frivilous lawsuits against her were creating unmanageable debt and financial burdens she and her family simply were not prepared to withstand on a prolonged basis.

My sadness is that this kind of thing could happen in America today. While I think Sarah Palin will not be POTUS in the foreseeable future, nor should be, I believe she will become a stellar, powerful spokeswoman on the right who will be more effective now than any elected office she could ever aspire to. She will also be the star Republican fundraiser for all sorts of candidates and issues in upcoming elections. In addition, she will make much more money for her family by going on the speaker's circuit in the Lower 48. I hope she makes a killing! No one wishes Sarah Palin success and well-being in whatever she does more than I. I remain one of her greatest fans.

Below is Rice's article, the best I've read to date, Conservative America:


“Why Sarah Palin Quit: The Five Best Explanations” by Jay Newton-Small quotes Alaska state legislators who lay the blame at the door of the Democrats. Quoted is Alaska State Senator Gene Therriault, a Republican representing the town of North Pole who said: “We started seeing a proliferation of ethics complaints against her. It was an orchestrated effort to take her down”. That article can be found on the Internet here.

Governor Sarah Palin’s surprising resignation announcement in the face of the horrific treatment she received from Democrats and their media allies struck within me a familiar cord. Although Palin’s abuse was mental harassment inflicted through public humiliation via spoken and written words and mounting debt from frivolous ethics charges, she was nonetheless effectively hounded out of public office. This brought to mind the sinister tactics used by Democrats against Republicans after the American Civil War that freed blacks from slavery.

Determined to keep blacks in virtual slavery after losing the Civil War, Democrats set about the task of ending Reconstruction and driving out of the South all Republicans, a result that kept blacks at the mercy of ruthless Democrats for over 100 years.

The facts about the horrors inflicted upon Republicans by Democrats are laid bare in the books “A Short History of Reconstruction” by Dr. Eric Foner and “Unfounded Loyalty” by Wayne Perryman.

The meticulous research by Foner and Perryman uncovered inhumanity by Democrats so startling as to seem surreal. Democrats, Perryman wrote, used every means possible to destroy Reconstruction including lynching, whippings, murder, intimidation, assassinations and mutilations.

Foner exposed how the Ku Klux Klan, that was founded in 1866 as a Tennessee social club and became the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party, spread into nearly every Southern state, launching a “reign of terror” against Republican leaders, black and white. The Klan lynched over 2,000 black Republicans and 1,000 white Republicans.

In a chilling passage Foner wrote: “Jack Dupree, a victim of a particularly brutal murder in Monroe County, Mississippi - assailants cut his throat and disemboweled him, all within sight of his wife, who had just given birth to twins - was ‘president of a republican club‘ and known as a man who ‘would speak his mind’” .
Sarah Palin is a woman who speaks her mind. She is a decent and honorable citizen who loves her family and country. Palin was subjected to a high-tech lynching by Democrats and their media minions because she had the audacity to be a Republican elected official and an apparent great political threat to the Democratic Party’s ruling elite.

For nearly a century, most blacks were aligned with the Republican Party and, thereby, posed a significant threat to the Democratic Party’s quest for power. Terror was used by Democrats for 100 years and monetary handouts for the past 50 years to mold blacks into reliable pawns in the Democratic Party’s political power game. It is ironic that the Democratic Party is now led by President Barack Obama, a black man who unabashedly helps Democrats keep blacks corralled on the Democratic Party’s economic plantation, voting mindlessly for any politician identified as a Democrat.

America, how did we come to the point where we are all held in the Democratic Party’s iron grip of fear of being destroyed personally, as was Sarah Palin, while the Democrats work feverishly to make us economic slaves?
A mock liberal rant, “
I Still Hate You, Sarah Palin - The Republicans bring a knife to a gunfight, and lose again” by David Kahane presents a hysterical tirade against Palin by a fictional Democratic Party operative. A comparison of Kahane’s feigned scorn with the real hatred directed at Palin by Democrats shows that his article is close to reality.

NBRA tribute to Sarah Palin made long before her resignation announcement

John Ziegler at Big Hollywood has more.


One parting salvo: I believe what happened to Palin is also happening to this country at warp speed. We cannot throw up our hands now and let this happen. The left will do anything to undermine our way of life and freedoms, and destroy the fixed principles this society rests on. We've got to stand up and get rowdy as time goes on.


Ellen said...

How the tables have turned. Once the party of Lincoln, now the party of white christian southerners and the rural less educated.

Palin represented the know-nothing branch of the GOP. The prospect of her becoming president was terrifying and she got the scrutiny she deserved.

Having been prayed over by the Kenyon witch hunter on youtube, crediting her success to the experience, and struggling to finish a college degree in 6 yrs where she changed colleges 6 times... were all red flags. A moral values candidate who paraded a pregnant teen daughter around was pretty bizarre indeed.

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing the GOP rally behind a know-nothing like Palin. It would further their demise.

Webutante said...

Don't count on it, Ellen. Palin has got many exception qualities and qualifications that will give her staying power in the months and years ahead....just wait and see, honeychil.

mRed said...

Ellen, thank you for putting an exclamation point on Webutante's post and you were able to add rural folks, Christians and those that did not attend college to your list of those you hate.

Webutante, thanks for a great post. It would be interesting to read a study of just why Palin scares them so much that liberals have had to continue their outright (and acknowledged) lies about her. I really don't care how much they debase themselves, but I am angry about how much they have debased America and our political debate.

Webutante said...

I dunno about you, but I'm going to redouble my efforts to do every thing I can to not let this slide continue. It's absurd, mRed.

mRed said...

Webutante, I with you on redoubling our efforts. I'm back into it with both feet working from the grass roots up. In that they have created hope and change, just not the hope and change they wanted.

Webutante said...

You know mRed, we need to wear these clowns in Congress and at the White House out with calls and emails about healthcare reform and the ridiculous cap and tax. And we need to do it now and keep on doing it. It's why I have permanent links to their contact info down on my sidebar. It's time we drove these people even crazier than they already are.

I'll go first!

Alfred T. Neuman said...

Read (I'm sure you won't) James Carville's delightful and very funny new book "40 More Years. How the Democrats will rule the next generation." It lists comic characters like Sarah Palin as one of the many reasons why.

Ellen said...

You insinuated I lied about Palin? Please be specific and I will document everything I've said. I didn't say I hated anyone. I just want to reiterate how terrifying it would be to have a woman in the White House that never held a passport until 2007 and had a great deal of difficulty finishing a college degree. I guess you don't mind the fact that Palin's pastor called Alaska a 'final refuge' for the 'end times' which 'we need to prepare for' ... how would you like a person like that with her finger on America's nuclear arsenal?

If that's not scary, I don't know what is. But I guess it's ok with you because you're a flat-earther too?

Webutante said...

Alfred. I hope you and Mr. Carville are planning to be around for the next 40 years to pay taxes to help support the exponentially exploding national debt as well as the ever growing welfare roles. Cause if you're not, Funny James will have to write about the demise of this country, and it won't take 40 more years.

Webutante said...

Ellen, Palin has gifts and learning that you may not be able to relate to. She's indeed bright and hard working and knows how to get things done. As far as her passport being issued in 2006, I'm at a loss for words as to how this matters as most poeple who have passports earlier in life are go abroad on vacation and to ski and play. We now have a president who has never come up with a real live birth certificate. BTW, do you know when he received his passport and how all his trips abroad contributed to his great experience as leader of the free world?

As far as Palin's minister, could anything be more unbecoming a "theologian" than the Rev. Wright. So I don't think that bird flies in this silly argument.

Victor Hanson says this recently about Palin and I agree with every word:

"Palin is obviously bright. Few could raise a family without capital in Wasilla, and within a decade end up as Governor of a large state-whose protocols hinged on an old-boy network where politicians accommodated oil and mineral interests.

"On the other hand, a mother of five, knee-deep in local politics, without money and leisure, is not going to be reading Gibbon for perspective, or spending the afternoon perusing Foreign Affairs. Nor is she going to remember a quip that her Prof at the Kennedy school once offered years ago. Nor is she going to recall clever repartee at a Georgetown dinner party from one grandee to another.

"She has natural gifts-stamina, earthy grit, sensitivity to what most Americans go through raising a family on a limited budget, practicality from working with her hands in a natural world. All that is no small beer. Look at Truman’s various experiences in Missouri."

You have very different criteria for judging someone's qualifications than I. Most conservatives vote for someone who most nearly espouses their most cherished principles.

And Sarah Palin fits the bill for many of us. I think you'll find she will be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come, like it or not. So if you think you're scared of her now...just wait....

mRed said...

Ellen, We can nitpick over "facts", but I won't. I was addressing your tone, especially your insinuation that southern Christians and rural less educated people are to be debased for their lack of your northern non-christian educated polish. Your smugness is an insult to all thinking and caring people. Know Nothings, indeed.

In the second paragraph of my comment, addressed to Webutante, I did not insinuate that Palin was lied about in a systematic manner, I came right out and stated it. If the shoe fits, as they say.

I think a thoughtful article such as,
, will point out what I mean.

Ellen said...

Your first instincts on Palin have proven to be correct when YOU wrote:

"Palin may be smart, hard working and often articulate and funny, but in the last ten days, she has shown herself to be far too inexperienced and out of her league for a job that's only a heartbeat away from POTUS. She's not ready to be president. She's not ready to be VEEP. And if she stays on the ticket, she will be an increasing liability and embarrassment to McCain and the GOP.

There's no other chance for conservatives to win otherwise. Not with this monumental financial crisis all around us. The country needs a McCain/Romney or a McCain/Lieberman ticket more than it needs a McCain/Palin ticket."

--Webutante, Saturday, September 27, 2008

But now, you've fallen in line, adopting all the conservative positions and talking points. Forget reason, logic, valid comparisons, just fall in line and be a good conservative. Guns - good, abortion rights - bad, global warming - bunk, Obama - socialist, drill baby drill, etc....

Ignorance runs rampant among the Fox News crowd. For example...
I went to a GOP tea party yesterday... well attended, maybe a thousand people. (Not one black person to be seen). How many of those Tennessee tea partiers that complain about taxes know that the Fed gives more money to TN (and many other Red states) than TN gives to the Fed in taxes? Just plain dumb. Thanks to the Blue states of NY, NJ, etc... that TN has all these fine roads and infrastructure while the rednecks remain oblivious to this fact while they complain about taxes. Idiots.

Webutante said...

Here's what I'm talking about when I say liverals want to take down the principles on which this country great:

mRed said...

Why do the kids need to get vulgar so quick? Lack of vocabulary?

mRed said...

BTW, I missed the obvious.

"How the tables have turned. Once the party of Lincoln, now the party of white christian southerners and the rural less educated."

Wasn't Lincoln a rural rube who mostly educated himself starting with the Bible? Possibly a closet Know Nothing?

Of course he was able to avoid the sin of being southern, so you'll always have that, but if you're tossing about analogies from the 1800's, does that mean BO and followers are Copperheads wishing to retain enslavement?

Webutante said...

Yeah mRed, and word has it Lincoln never had a passport.....something tells methese women would not take nicely to such a hayseed....they would no doubt have been afflicted with Lincoln Derangement Syndrome...

Ellen said...

Do you recall Palin saying 'real America' is not in the cities or suburbs, it is in the "small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America."

It's pretty clear who not a 'real American'... anyone with an education. The educated are the elite that the right disdain. The same right wingers that idolize football players and nascar drivers have no respect for education, intellectualism, science, or fine art.

A (7/8/09) Pew research poll of scientists showed only 6% identified themselves as Republicans. 87% described themselves as Democrat or independent. Why do you suppose this huge gap exists?

Webutante said...

Actually, Ellen, what you say that's "pretty clear" is not real America is merely conjecture on your part. Sarah Palin grew up in small town America, as I did, and she believes, as I do, that the values and principles this country was founded on are most readily seen there. To surmise anything else about her statement is mere projection and wild imagination on your part.

Stacie said...

Wow, looks like I missed out here on a typical liberal rant...I was 26 when I went to college. Prior to that, I traveled around the world WORKING for 5 years on ships that carried many of the liberals from the East and West Coasts. I had President Reagan on board one ship, the M.V. Silverado, for 2 weeks in Alaska. He and Mrs. Reagan were BY FAR the kindest people I had to wait on...the others were the "Elite" that were so educated and superior to me and my kind. Well, those elites were crass, rude and abominable in more ways that are fit to print. I quickly learned that the ELITE were piggish on good days...Reagan and I would eat breakfast every morning and he treated me like a granddaughter, as did Mrs. Reagan. He chastised me for not having a college education, and working on boats instead. I told him in reply that I don't know too many "educated" people that had the opportunity to eat breakfast alone with a former beloved President of the United States and have the sort of conversations we were having. This was in the summer of 1992, before he was diagnosed. After all of my traveling, I would much prefer to come to rural America and learn from these folks about how to be a real American then from the educated ELITE's people think we dislike. You know what? You guys are right. You are disliked. You don't think rationally, you are condescending and we mostly ridicule your ideas as baseless and unworthy of our attention.

Webutante said...

Great post, Stacie, and thank you for taking the time! I would like to post it on my main page along with a commentary on commenting here at Webutante.

This is a great experience that undoubtedly has influenced your life for the better....and your Reagan's. What fun!

I love it when people get personal about themselves. Thanks again!