Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why Palin Is A Fantastic Choice As Veep

Helen Smith writes at Pajamas giving her run down on why the choice of Sarah Palin, a self-made woman, is not only is good for women, but men and the whole country. A highlight:

"While Democrats want to expand government programs to “help women,” I believe that smaller government and the policies of the libertarian right help women in many ways that are often ignored. Carrie Lukas, in a special report entitled “Dependency Divas” from the Independent Women’s Forum, states that:

'Government efforts to improve on market outcomes often have serious unintended consequences that make women worse off. Workplace regulations make hiring more expensive, thereby decreasing the number of job opportunities available for women. Entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security crowd out private enterprise and initiative, and bloat the federal budget. The high taxation necessary to support lavish social spending slows economic growth, reducing the living standards of all Americans. The paternalistic arguments used to justify these government programs also reinforce the harmful notion that women are incapable of surviving or prospering on their own.'"

I agree with Helen and Sarah and Carrie Lukas: Many government programs to help women, really only serve to stifle and foster dependence. The left always wants to get in the way by inserting government in the middle of every human endeavor and process, when often the best and most elegant strategy to help others, including women, is to just get out of the way. And stay out of the way.


Please note: There's so much I want to write about Palin, issues and the race and will in coming days. However, I am again pressed for time with company here from California for the weekend and also with preparing for surgery next Thursday on my right ankle to repair a severely torn ligament which will keep me off my feet for 2-3 weeks. Will not be able to drive a car during that time and will be 'walking' on crutches. For this reason, I'm scurrying around trying to prepare for this ordeal, one I've put off for about 25 years when I tore the ligament in a jogging accident. Surely I'll have plenty of time to blog, write and play catch up during this recovery period. There's no good time to do something like this, but when it's finally time, it's time.

You see, there's a little baby boy now in the cooker and coming into our family, God willing, next winter, and I want to be able to hold him, and sing him lullabies with a strong ankle.


Bob said...

Beautiful pic! And all the best to you regarding the surgery.

Bob said...

Yes, there will be joy in St. Paul next week.

Jungle Mom said...

Congratulations! Get well!

web said...

Thank you Bob and Rita. xxoo

John Dewey said...

from about 3 months ago:

"I deep down wonder if the time is really right for her to become a VP candidate with all the child rearing responsibilities she has right now, even with a very supportive family....that's job one, it seems."

It appears your initial reservations have subsided. I'm glad. My mother had a career of sorts in the 60's and 70's while raising 8 kids. It wasn't easy for any of us, but I think it was the right decision. No doubt my sisters benefitted from having a strong role model living in the same house.

Webutante said...

John, good point. Are every single of my reservations gone at this point? No. However, she has been chosen and I plan to support this ticket enthusiastically. I think her coming to the front of this race is already sparking public debates on many fronts including the culture war, energy, and ethics. Only time will tell how this will all play out.