Friday, August 29, 2008

Memo To McCain: Make It Historic


UPDATE: FOX News is reporting that a worker at the Hook Field airport in Middletown, OH, is quoted as saying that they saw a woman in her mid 40's and two teenage boys get off the plane, and boarded a white van. Palin has two teenage sons, one 18, another 19.....

John McCain, if you want to win in November, you're going to have to do some things, choose a running mate, who are perceived as being historic. That means shock and awe. I don't see how anything short of a woman, a black or Hispanic, a Jew, a Democrat or Hillary herself can do that for you. Sadly, I don't see how Mitt or Pawlenty can jazz the ticket up enough. I hope I'm wrong.

This is the kind of surprise I'm talking about,


gcotharn said...

I love Palin. But I love love her in 2016. Do you think she detracts from the argument that Barack is not up to the task?

Thinking as I go: here are my arguments against Barack:

1. Very far left
2. Has never been a reformer(which really means he is running on a deceptive pretense)
3. No notable professional accomplishment
4. Historical ignorance
5. Naivete
6. Deeply deceptive

How does Palin's professional accomplishment stack up against Baracks? I don't fully know the answer, but I hope she has some accomplishment to brag about beyond being elected.

Oh well: I am instinctively drawn to Palin. If it's her, she will add warmth to McCain on the campaign trail. What I do know of her positions is mostly excellent.

Jungle Mom said...

we'll know soon...

Jungle Mom said...


mRed said...

I'm delighted with the choice!

gcotharn said...

After watching her with McCain, and studying her background in more depth, I'm now a full convert to the Sarah Palin fanclub.

Webutante said...

After writing this post early this morning, I left for a fishing trip and am just now getting beside myself with excitment! McCain did the right thing.

Will be back with more, but thank you all for the comments. We'll see how it all plays out, and I know this is going to be the most interesting campaign in years, decades.

Won't we have fun?!

Trinka said...

I'm so excited about Palin as V.P. There was just NOTHING happening in this election I could get behind, until McCain chose her as his running mate. This is such an encouragement!