Friday, August 8, 2008

John Edwards, Breaks It To Us Gently

UPDATE: New York Observer observes the obvious, it's over for Edwards politically.

UPDATE: New York Post, Silky Pony, always a fake.

Rule 1/ Job 1: When admitting guilt, do it in very small steps, in degrees. After all us foolish, stupid public can only stand so much reality at any given time.

It's what's happening with John Edwards' admission of guilt to an affair with Rielle Hunter today. He admits he's had an affair with her, yet denies he's the baby's father. That will only come much later, after his gullible public has digested today's news.

He then makes everything all right saying that he doesn't really love Rielle. Isn't that a bit beside the point, at this point?

What a jerk! His knife is a two edge sword. I can only imagine what Elizabeth is thinking right now. Then again, how complicit has she been in the whole thing?

The Democratic Convention in Denver is shaping up to be a freak show. Surely Al will be on the schedule next selling carbon credits at some booth on the way into Obama's acceptance speech for messiah. Beside Gore will be Edwards selling indulgences for those who are living a lie like he is, and has.

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hg said...

The Democrats are beginning to look as bad as the Republicans.