Monday, August 25, 2008

Good Morning, Let the Denver Polympics Begin

Would like to make a few predictions on this week's Democratic Convention in Denver. It's not rocket science, but nevertheless worth mentioning:

1) For all the hype and hysteria leading up to this year's convention, it will be anti-climatic in every way. Even the outrageous messianic staging of the convention floor will be a let down. America has peaked with the empty-suited Obama and there's no amount of special effects and showmanship in the Mile High City that will change that. In other words, there's no going back to the earlier infatuation.

2) There will be far less so-called protesters at Tent State University than predicted. They will be hard pressed to get much media attention at all, except occasionally from bored reporters who want to get outside for breath of fresher air and have nothing better to do than manufacture something that passes for news focusing on the strident few.

3) As the likes of Ward Churchill and Cynthia McKinney resurface and get some attention there this week, the American public will remember the radical liberal fringe Democrats have become associated with.

4) Security is extremely tight and militarized to the hilt in Denver, as it should be, and that reality will put a damper on some of the adolescent shenanigans that CODE PINK and other radical "peace" groups attempt to pull off this week.Below is a lone protester on almost empty Colfax Avenue in downtown Denver.

5) The Democratic mainstays will spend their time trying to present themselves as moderates and out-mainstream Republicans. The fact that the Democratic convention comes first will be a great advantage to the Republican one that follows.


mRed said...

Right on. I wish the protesters would get more press. It highlights the Demorat Party as they really are and it is very entertaining to watch. I love the smell of tear gas in the morning. It smells like victory.

web said...