Monday, August 4, 2008

Bio-Solar One, Guess Who Has A Huge New Houseboat?

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Steve Gill updates us at Pajamas Media. This is all just too much fun.

Okay, I'm not naming any names, but someone has a big new houseboat in Tennessee. It uses tons of fuel, but not to worry, it's tons of bio-diesel fuel. (Where do you suppose it stops for 500 gallons of bio-refueling --@ $4/gal=$2,000-- on the lake?) Oh, and as a backup, it uses solar power. Evidently, there are jet skis included, surely powered with solar panels that make everything okay.

Whew, for a minute, I almost thought it this was a floating energy suck with a huge carbon foot print owned by the world's biggest, most humorless energy conservation hypocrite.

Anyway, know who the new owner is? Yes you do. My lips are sealed, but Steve Gill has more and I'm sure will be following the rest of the story from here. So will I, even from the Rockies.


Tregonsee said...

For brevity, can we call this BS-1?

web said...


All things are possible for himeth who have't a large bank account of carbon credits.