Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Joe Biden: Much Too Much More of the Same

Joe, you gave a touching and forceful speech at the DNC when it came to your family and mother. Your son, Beau, did a terrific job and I know you must be proud of him. Having said that, however, as you continued on to the issues department, I came away with the distinct impression that you and I live on different planets. You and the Democrats are once again catastrophizing this country in the worst possible ways to get elected. I disagree on many, many counts. And I can guarantee you the little ditty about McCain being four more years of Bush is utter nonsense.


What you're saying is NOT change, it's more of the same. There's too much here to go through it all tonight. However, for one thing, when you criticize John McCain for voting against raising the minimum wage, you simply are being a windbag. And you have to know much of what you say is simply not true.

John McCain voted against raising the minimum wage for one reason: doing so cuts job creation and the number of jobs here in America. It sounds like a good idea to you Dems who try to put it over on the American people, but forcing employers and businesses to pay higher minimum wages means they are often forced to cut down or completely eliminate the number of entry level jobs, often sending them abroad. McCain voted to keep as many jobs as possible in America. You simply can't get by with demonizing him for that.

The reasons so many jobs have gone abroad is both the higher and higher minimum wage and the increasingly expensive demands of labor unions. The differences in the way you and John McCain view the economy, the war, foreign relations, job creation and wages is profound. As are the differences in Iraq where the surge has worked.

You say the government has done nothing for Americans who are hurting, but our government has become, if nothing else, one of constant bailouts, attempting to take away all personal responsibility and put it in the hands of government bureaucrats. Where will it all end? When the government finally collapses from the weight of its own Nanny State hubris?

It all sounds good, Joe. But what you are saying is not change. It's far more of the same: government will fix everything, can fix everything and we'll live happily ever after.

One more thing, Joe. What about the statement you made earlier this summer saying you'd be happy to run on the ticket with John McCain? You seemed to impugn his judgment, character and maverick nature in your speech tonight.

And what about the fact that you said you didn't think Obama was ready to be president recently?

What a difference a week and new job description makes.

CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLE TO CONTEMPLATE: The more government regulation and interference, the fewer individual choices.


Pam said...

Well said Web! I actually rushed right over here after watching the Biden speech tonight. I couldn't wait to get your take on it!

Vienna VA said...

Right. It's *always* the labor unions. I wish they had as much power as you imagine they do. No one really stands up for the American worker these days - and certainly not the compassionate Conservatives in the GOP constantly bemoaning the fact that the federal minimum wage is now $6.55 ($262 per week, $13,624 per year before taxes). Those damn elitists!

As for the McCain ads, 1) Joe Biden made the statement about running with (OR AGAINST) John McCain on "The Daily Show" in August, 2005. By my count that's 3 summers ago. Maybe you're using that "new math" Karl Rove is always talking about; 2) Debra Bartoshevich, the Clinton supporter now voting for McCain is a pro-choice Democrat who's voting for McCain because " far as I understand it John McCain is against overturning Roe v. Wade." LOL!! I think I can speak for all of us on the can keep her!

Webutante said...

Thank, Pam.

Well, Vienna, you sound like an advocate for workers in the Gulag circa 1940. I mean really, let's come into the 21st century where America workers have so many resources to stand up for themselves and on their own two feet---what a novel idea!--- that it makes my head spin. What's left of them, Unions have just enough rope to hang themselves, which they do routinely , and will, until every union job goes abroad. And then we'll blame it all on mean ole uncompassionate conservatives.

Pam said...

I recently spent 2 weeks with coal miners in West Virginia. They are thrilled that more and more coal companies are pulling away from unions.

Vienna VA said...

So...I'm unpatriotic, anti-American and pro-communist. How nice. And classy, too! I thought we were beyond name calling. Guess not.

It's obvious you think America's workers have too many beneifts already, what with a fair wage for a fair day's work, paid sick leave and employer sponsored health care (which workers pay more of every year). Do you sit around pining for the days of the Triange Shirtwaist Company? Or do you dream of days when American companies can treat their workers like the Chinese - no benefits, low salaries, 15 hour work days, 7 days a week?

Despite your slander of me - again - let me say I'm not a communist, just a friend of the American worker. It's a shame you can't say the same.

web said...

Vienna, I have to scratch my head at the harsh way you take everything I say and run with it. I have never said you are pro-communist or anti-American, only that you sound like you're from another era...lighten up a bit for your own joie de vie.....

Vienna VA said...

You did say I was anti-American. I believe the quote was "you write well, however you are very...liberal and anti-American." I'm scratching my head at how that would be interpreted any other way. Perhaps you could enlighten me.

You said "you sound like an advocate for workers in the Gulag circa 1940." The Wiki definition of a Gulag is "the government agency that administered the penal labor camps of the Soviet Union." I think you meant what you said and call me crazy, but I don't appreciate being compared to the mouthpiece in a soviet labor camp.

web said...

If I thought you were truly anti-American, I wouldn't publish your comments. So let me just say, you sound very over-protective of workers today most of whom can, in this day and age, be their own best advocates and take good care of themselves.

Vienna VA said...

I guess I just don't trust big business to look out for the average worker. In 1965, the average CEO made 24 times the pay of the average worker. In 2005, it was 262 times. That's a pretty big inequity - especially when workers are told by CEO's and their lackeys that they're asking and demanding too much of companies.

You are welcome to think whatever you want about me. Words matter, though, and flippantly labeling me as anti-American sucked (if you couldn't tell). Ditto on the communism thing.

Anonymous said...

First time visiting your blog. Great points. I'll be back.