Friday, August 22, 2008

Hail, Obama

All us envious, greedy proletariat just want you to make everything fair and take away every notion of inequality from society, for all time, Bark. We're waiting for you to totally level the economic, social, cultural and spiritual playing fields so we can all be little one world/one mind citizens forever.

Michelle Oddis writes today in a Human Events piece:

"NRO reporter David Freddoso told me in an exclusive interview on his New York Times best seller “The Case Against Barak Obama” the most important thing Americans should know about Obama is that he has never been a reformer. “That this image of ‘change and hope’ that he projects is really a great lie. In fact there’s never been a single time in Senator Obama’s political career where he did something that was difficult and would cost him politically for the sake of needed reforms and change,” said Freddoso. Pull the wool from over your eyes America -- like King would Barack Obama face incarceration for his cause? I think not. He might let Tony Rezko do some time, though."

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Jungle Mom said...

welcome home, enjoy!