Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ineffable Pain, Sorrow

DEAR GOD, TURN OUR GRIEVING HEARTS TO YOU for comfort, answers and the ability to deal long-term with the terrible violence and moral decay in our society on the deepest levels rather than bandaid political quick-fixes. There are no easy answers. There are no real answers outside of a personal relationship with you.

Below, a mother whose son survived describes the horrors and miracles as they unfolded: A few details on the Lanza family.


William said...

Thoughts on the 2nd Amendment:
1) It starts with the words "well regulated." The founders knew there needed to be gun laws and 'regulations' ... but did they envision - during their era of single shot muskets - a time where extended clip semi-automatic handguns would be available to all and ammunition available at any Walmart?

2) Guns at Home Increase Dangers, Not Safety
Based on a review of the available scientific data, access to guns greatly increases the risk of death and firearm-related violence. A gun in the home is twelve times more likely to result in the death of a household member or visitor than an intruder.

3) The killers mother was a gun collector. According to her sister, Nancy Lanza was a fearful teapartier... stocking up with guns 'for when the economy collapses.' She was armed to the teeth.. . that didn't help her protect herself from her son.

4) There are extremists in the gun culture - almost entirely conservatives. Over recent years the town of Newtown, CT. tried to place some limits on the rise of what might be called extreme gun-owning and shooting in the community. It wasn’t a fight between gun-owners and non-gun-owners, but traditional gun owner and hunters versus people shooting close to other people’s homes, shooting at unlicensed firing ranges, firing military style weapons, even firing into explosives.
In short, the opposition of the extreme gun owners and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (the country’s second largest gun-rights organization, which happens to be located in Newtown) prevented anything from happening.

Webutante said...

William, thank you for your one comment for the rest of the year.

True. Our founding fathers could not have envisioned the technology of semi-automatic and automatic weapons, as they also couldn't for cars or airplanes or computers or medical devices abd burth control. Having regulation is fine---I myself would not ever want an AK-47 in my home---but there are limits to what regulations can do.

Having said that, I disagree guns are the culprit and they's people who are unsafe and irresponsible, as they often are in cars, in planes, in bars and in groups.

Gun control starts in video games, movies and non-stop television that teach children that gun and bomb violence is a way to gain instant fame, resolve rejection and frustrations. It starts long before the horrifying shooting.

So what if Mrs. Lanza was a fearful teaparty extrimist? I would say you're an extremist too but in different ways. Who are you to be the judge and jury? She got natural consquences for her choice not to seek serious help for her son and her. And she most likely catered to his every whim in ways that gave him delusions of grandeur and omnipotence.

Guns are here to stay though I am all for regulating them if it makes us feel better.

Unfortunately, it will not stop these things becaue the true nuts will get what they need to shoot or bomb their targets no matter what it takes. They are so immature as to be outside the law so most laws aren't going to matter.