Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday On Monday

NEVER MADE IT BACK TO THE COMPUTER SUNDAY and still intend to complete Tim Keller's book this week. Nevertheless, I want to post this video that a relative in Texas sent me on the importance of prayer...and much, much more. Wishing you a great and grateful Thanksgiving week.


Tregonsee said...

Less to be thankful for than I had hoped, but still more than most have. 27 lb turkey defrosting. :)

Happy Thanksgiving,


Webutante said...

Treg, wonder what that means....the election I guess and yes, I agree. Hope you have a blessed and Grace-filled Thanksgiving! All best.

gcotharn said...

Thank you for this powerful story of the way prayer works.

I can imagine the prayers coming in ... in part, b/c I have watched/read near death accounts of souls speeding into the afterlife in similar fashion, and on a constant basis.

In a coincidence, the man was taken to Harris Methodist Hospital, and his wife prayed wherever she could in that hospital. I currently schlep my father to rehab appointments at that hospital. While he does his rehab, I usually go to the hospital's Castleberry Chapel to pray, and to read scripture. There is a good chance that the video wife also prayed in that chapel.

Here is another good story of faith, and of prayer, which is from Waxahatchie, which is 30 minutes south of Dallas.

Happy Thanksgiving! from, um, a relative in Texas.

Webutante said...

Thank you so much and Happy, Grace-filled Thanksgiving to you Greg! ---Your Tennessee Cuz xx