Tuesday, November 6, 2012

America Goes To the Polls



1. Obama supports anytime, late-term---third trimester--abortion when a fetus is viable and could live and survive outside the womb. Early abortion is bad enough, but late-term is unconscionable---all the the name of an immature woman's right to choose---really to re-choose after failing to choose before the fact---and then have tax-payers pay for it.  This is truly sickening in my opinion.

We are infantalizing women in our country with rights without responsibilities and the long-term consequences is incredible pain, confusion and moral decay.

2. Obama supports Federal Reserve policies of unlimited money printing which has the effect of devaluing the money in our pockets and raising the price of commodities such as food and gasoline in relationship to the dollar. When the dollar plummets the cost of living goes up.  This is especially devastating to retired people living on fixed incomes.

 Fed chairman Ben Bernanke has promulgated a  sick culture that punishes savers and pushes many older Americans into risky investments like the stock market at a time they shouldn't be there and won't have time to recover their losses. All for the sake of the big banks and corporate welfare.  ZIRP is a bankrupt policy.

3.Obama's signature legislation Obamacare drives up the cost of small businesses hiring new employees thereby crippling the growth of jobs in this country over the next four years.

4. Obamacare ignores Americans who live and work according to their deeply held principles in favor of the federal government's mandate. Ultimatel
y this heavy arm of government will force many doctors and Catholic hospitals out of business thereby creating a shortage of quality healthcare providers.

5. Foreign leaders who are the greatest enemies to American liberty, capitalism and exceptionalism---in Cuba, Columbia, Russia, and Iran---support Obama's re-election. To them, Obama is like a push-over substitute teacher in a grammar school class that allows them to get by with murder---literally.

OK, I said 5 reasons but I want to give several more:

6. The Obama administration's handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack in Libya is an impeachable offense and yet another pathetic example of the disrespect for America.

THE BOTTOM LINE FOR ME:   Obama---long on style without substance---will lead a continued moral, spiritual, economic, military change in the direction of deterioation in our nation if he's re-elected.  He is a feckless excuse for a leader and needs to be voted out of office today. If we elect him again, then we will get what we deserve and more pain and frustration than we ever thought possible over the next few years.

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