Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Josh Brown Sorta Calls the Election But Isn't Voting

JOSH BROWN @ THE REFORMED BROKER IS STILL WITHOUT POWER ON LI. But he soliders on with what he's got left and rails about the election with this clever post:
I'M NOT VOTING TODAY because I live in a perma-blue state. New York wouldn't vote for Romney if he pulled Neil Diamond out of a fiery car wreck. 
I think I speak on behalf of all Americans when I say that, regardless of who wins, we can only hope for four years just like the last four - rife with financial corruption, naked kleptocracy, legislative ineptitude, natural disasters, class warfare, metastasizing poverty, a hollowing out of the middle class, rising costs of living, lower wages, doping professional athletes, unlistenable popular music, ballooning debt, manipulated bank lending rates and taxpayer-supported asset prices that no one trusts anyway. Let's have another cycle of that and things should turn out fine. 
My kid's school, a polling station, is calling the race for Obama early. I know this because they've already begun distributing needles and morning after pills in my daughter's first grade classroom this morning.  
I can't believe anyone is surprised that Mitt Romney, a cartoon billionaire who thinks "roughing it" is driving the Cadillac instead of the Rolls, is running behind in the popular vote. 
Whether or not we're in a recession is irrelevant, because for most people it already feels like one - the last one never really ended other than for people with large investment portfolios or C-Suite positions at Fortune 500 companies.  
Why would you expect the country to elect a Jedi job-cutter who posed for a photo with hundred dollar bills in his mouth in an environment like this?  
All things being equal (and they're not), I'd prefer to see a Romney victory - at least he understands the basic economic incentives and assurances that drive businesses to hire - but I will completely understand why that's not going to happen. In the meantime, there are a handful of households in blue collar Ohio that will be deciding this one, so I'll simply sit back in my pitch-black home and watch the results unfold on a barely-charged iPhone.
You know, going without power is not hurting Josh's writing and thinking one bit. In fact, it may be getting better. My comment to his post:
Josh, unlike Will Dennis, I'm NOT at all disappointed with this clever, sarcastic post. Good get. I've voted for Romney and think he's the best man for the job and understands job creation, how lowering tax rates creates more employment---thus more tax-paying citizens----and broader tax revenues. I'm not optimistic. Think we're truly on the slippery moral slope where rights without responsibilities are infantalizing women and voters. Until we're free to accept responsibilitty for our mistakes and learn from them, we're a society in regression. There's a world of pain ahead. Going without power has not dulled your wit or your crisp thinking at all.

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