Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lady In Red---Cruz Does Sensational Campari Calendar Spread

IT'S LATE AND I'M HEADING TO BED. However, for the record, I've got Chronic Petraeus Fatigue Syndrome (CPFS) and wonder if I can bear to see or hear or read anymore of this absurd and unattractive influence-for-sex debacle. This three, four, five-ring circus of  sleaze-peddling  and shameless pumped up  boobs  has already worn out its welcome with me.  There is nothing endlessly fascinating here but, like getting mixed up with the tar baby,  none of us brer rabbits will be able to get away anytime soon. And if we do,  we'll have to be very clever.

We're getting to see again that  hero worship in any and all areas of our lives has its costs.

We know every sub-culture---business, politics, sports, entertainment, the military----has hierarchies of powerful haves and have nots. The further up the power food chain, the greater the aphrodisiac effect between powerful men and the pushy, available, fawning women they attract.  It's life and how things have operated since the beginning of time. Still in today's transparent, non-stop 24-hour news world,  it's easy to  reach information saturation at WARP speed.

20,000-30,000 pages of emails from one of these clown generals to a big boobed, spendthrift woman in Tampa sounds even more impossibly boring to me than trying to read the 2,000 page Affordable Health Care Act.

Anyway,  as a way of diversion,  I saw this beautiful and sophisticated Campari calendar spread which Penelope Cruz has done in dazzling and sensational red outfits.  You can see more here and perhaps get your mind off our feckless, undisciplined military top-brass for at least a few minutes.

 I've done my part tonight in trying to break our new mass national obsession with the Real Creeps of the CIA and Command Comedy Central.

 Drudge doesn't have enough bandwidth to add any more desperate publicity seeking, over-sexed main characters in tomorrow's headline scroll, does he?  May we all get a good night's sleep for what we might see at the dawns early light..... but may it be more of Penelope and less of Jill and Paula. And for the record again, I find this Jill woman not attractive in the least and yes I know no one of looking at her face.

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gcotharn said...

Love love love the dresses which Campari chose.