Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Projected As Over: Ohio Called For Obama


IT'S 8:30 TUESDAY NIGHT AND WHEN OHIO IS CALLED, THE ELECTION IS OVER as we all know. It's looking like a very early night. If I were a betting woman and had to call the election right now, I'm sadly calling the presidential election for Obama.  Truthfully, I've never thought Romney would win deep down in my heart though I hoped he would. I hope I'm making a gross, reckless and impulsive error.

There's no way to the White House without taking Ohio.

If Ohio goes more towards Romney, I'll reconsider this early call.

9:30 UPDATE---Karl Rove is giving me hope for Romney's chances in Ohio.  Then there's Florida and North Carolina (YES!)

Peggy Noonan thinks there's a subdued feeling among conservatives but says there's still a way to go in calling Ohio and Florida. I don't.

9:50---Romney's path to victory clearly narrows in the Electoral College with less margin and wiggle room.....Massachusetts elects  a 'multi-cultural, native American' woman to unseat  Sen. Scott Brown.

10:14---Fox News calls Ohio for Obama.  The night is over, our country has re-elected the worst president in U.S history. 

10:28----Karl Rove thinks the call for Obama in Ohio is premature with only 990 votes separating the two candidates.  I say it's time to go to bed and get a good night's sleep!


Tregonsee said...

Sorry Mr. Franklin, but we only managed to keep the Republic for barely two centuries. Thanks for trying.

fraydna52 said...

Well...I am disappointed, of course, but honestly not surprised. I do think that a Romney win would merely have slowed down the train wreck awaiting us.

We must pray and remember that God is allowing all of this to take place. His judgment is true and just, and we are called to be faithful, not successful in the eyes of this world.

Blessings to you!

Webutante said...

Thanks Treg and Fraydna, yes sad but not surprised or devastated. Romney might have slowed down the train wreck ahead but not stopped it. Might as well be under Obama's watch. We need to pray constantly for our fractured country and world. Pray also we can negotiate what's ahead.

Best to both, Jane

Anonymous said...

And you get your hope and advice from Karl Rove? Conservatives were dissing Nate Silver's projections while taking false comfort in blatently right leaning Rasmussen polls. Well, so it turns out, Nate Silver was right, even conservative... he predicted Romney would do even better. I'm so glad that Allen West (FL), Macaca Allen (VA), and Scott Brown (MA) lost. This should send a signal to everyone that the Teaparty is DEAD.