Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

GREAT DAY on the AT with some heavy-hitters from the Mountain Club of Maryland. They couldn't have been nicer to their hiking sister from south of the Mason-Dixon. Had some interesting conversations along the way which I'll write about later this weekend (I didn't mention my blog nor do I ever when I'm out like this). Now for a good night's sleep......these people walked my buns off today.


mRed said...

A great day trip for hiking, eating, art and history (think of a young Lt. Col Robert E. Lee and John Brown) is to take the train up to Harpers Ferry and the Shepardstown area.

A plus is getting to Union Station early to get a cup of something warm and watch the crowds swirling through. And then, a great train trip.

Webutante said...

mRed, indeed, that's a great day that combines it all. I adore Union Station to sit at the bar and have crab cakes when I have time!