Saturday, October 10, 2009

Congressional Budget Study Bolsters Republicans Call For Medical Tort Reform

I FIND IT UNBELIEVABLE THAT CONGRESSIONAL lawmakers keep pushing any and every idea to save taxpayers money for health care except the ones that really work. That would be tort reform. Of course, it's no secret why: It 's opposed by the country's mighty trails lawyers who stand to gain obscene amounts of payout for prosecuting these unlimited tort cases cases. And it's how the Big Daddy of all trial lawyers (no pun intended) John Edwards made millions upon millions in order to follow his unlimited political and romantic aspirations.

Now the latest released study by the Congressional Budget Office says tort reform could save American taxpayers almost $54 billion dollars over ten years. Jennifer Haberkorn at the Washington Times today reports:

Bolstering what's likely to be a key health care reform argument from Republicans, Congress' budget scorekeeper ruled that limiting medical malpractice lawsuits would reduce the federal deficit by $54 billion over 10 years.

The Congressional Budget Office - in an analysis that projects a nearly10-fold increase in savings over its findings last year - said tort reform would cut costs by limiting the use of diagnostic tests and other services health care providers and doctors use to reduce exposure to lawsuits.

In explaining the increase in savings, CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf told lawmakers "recent research has provided additional evidence that lowering the cost of medical malpractice tends to reduce the use of health care services."

With such continuing and glaring evidence of savings to taxpayers who support the federal government, how can anyone take Congressional leaders seriously until they include and implement this reform into whatever bill or amendment that is passed?

The American people should rise up in arms to see that this happens and if it doesn't we need to raise unshirted hell until it does. Otherwise, we're all in for a downward spiral deficits at Congress's and trial lawyers' gargantuan expense.

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