Thursday, September 17, 2009

Found A Great Story Today

THIS IS ALMOST THE THIRD anniversary of Webutante.

While I never thought I'd last this long, I certainly have found more to write about than I ever thought possible. Still, three years into this gig, I have to admit my ardor has waned a bit and I find more that's less and less interesting. Conjuring fresh or even recycled outrage is something I have less heart for on a daily basis (though there's plenty to get worked up about, I just don't like being in a constant state of adrenaline over-load). Moral outrage wears very thin with me these days. Sometimes I have to look hard for stuff that intrigues, encourages and wakes me up.

This morning, however, I found something that really wowed me! Some silly, interesting political news that both heartens and makes me laugh. Hope to write about it later today---jam packed with a long to-do list. Even thinking about it will make me smile....and it'll make you smile too! I promise.

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