Saturday, September 12, 2009

Checking Out the Whole Foods Boycott On the Left Coast

DON'T LOOK NOW, but someone's still shopping at Whole Foods Market in San Raphael after liberal protestors demanded a shopping boycott of the store in protest of CEO John Mackey's conservative stand against Obamacare a few weeks back.

Could they be the only remaining 300-400 conservatives left in the Bay area all here with me at the same time today at WFM? Maybe. But wait! The parking lot of filled with liberal bumper stickers. Liberals are here in droves swarming everywhere buying organic melons, designer hummus, mottled designer cheeses.

All I can say, is protest the way we knew it in the 60s and 70s just ain't what it used to be. That's putting it mildly. Looks like John Mackey took a risk and a stand. In the end he knew his market better perhaps than it---and they--- knew itself.
Meanwhile, I am driving my good friend's car--her husband is out-of-town--, since for the moment at least, she can't. It saved me from having to rent one. On the other hand, er, it's a car that I would only drive for and with one of my oldest and dearest friends. I try to wear a disguise when I'm tooling around in it however...... Our friendship takes a lot of forebearance, patience, knowing when to keep your mouth shut (and I fall down far too often), and a gigantic sense of humor on both our parts......just to name a few.
It'll always be a mystery to me why some relationships stand the test of time and others don't. We can't talk politics, religion or nutrition, I keep my mouth shut as Campbell Brown drones on on CNN, we have an annual fight since we were 2 years-old and next-door-neighbors. One or the other---and often both of us--- regularly act like a perfect ass--- (There's NO room for any of my food in your refrigerator, once again.....) And yet, against all odds somehow we make up faster and faster and have a devotion that's rather amazing---to both of us. We're like sisters and love each other dearly through thick and thin. Why and how, for me, is a mystery known only by the Grace of God.


mRed said...

My best friend (and best man), sailing buddy and really good guy is a socialist. Yes, we have had some doozy discussions and have had some serious time needed to cool down.

We have always returned to the scene of the crime for a hug and to move on. I still call him Che though. When he is really ticked, he calls me Ronnie. I smile.

gcotharn said...

This post is poetic: from the hilarity of you driving the Obama sticker, to the fighting, to the love.

Last: could it be that the majority of Whole Foods' business comes from conservatives who, after all, ARE the people with the money? Or from upscale liberals with enough sense to see that CEO John Mackey was making a fair point? Could it be that loud liberals, on the whole, are a financially downscale demographic which never comprised a significant portion of Whole Foods' gross profit?

Webutante said...

mRed, this is very damn funny. Am glad to know someone else who understands this. She and I care so deeply about each other in spite of it all and thousands of miles that literally and figuratively seperate us....still after we made up last night, I'm quite sure she sent her 21-year old cat Blackie to poop outside my bedroom door!....fortunately we both have a raucous sense of humor.

Webutante said...

Greg, We are like the Two Stooges. You could be right about Mackey's market....but still there are a lot of strange looking people wandering the aisles of WFM here and in Nashville....good to hear from you. Been thinking of you and your family lots lately.

Pat Koenigsberg said...

It didn't occur to me that you were driving around in my car with an Obama sticker--what a good sport!..I did NOT send Blackie to leave his mark outside your room. But I am VERY glad we can make up quicker and quicker. It was a very good visit, and I do love you very much. BFF

Webutante said...

XOOX. I miss my best friend already....don't forget to eat your kale--it's very good for you.

Kevin said...

I'm continually amazed at how someone like Mackey can be slammed for the 1% of his views that a certain segment disagrees with!