Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breitbart: Waking Up Grassroots America--- Big Media Is Dying

ANDREW BREITBART, LIKE HIS RACIST COLLEAGUE GLENN BECK, SURE KNOWS HOW TO WORK A CROWD. He's got a message that rings truer and truer in modern America, Iran and throughout the world: The MSM--Main Stream Media--is falling away---terminally ill. You simply can't find the most important news stories rocking our nation or the world covered at all---or with any accuracy--- there anymore.

Charlie Gibson doesn't have a clue. Paul Krugman has got his fingers in so many dikes at the NYT he can't see the forest for the trees and hasn't for years. Katie Couric---who's Katie Couric? Power is now with the people---people like Hannah and James--citizen journalists with cameras, videos and computers, the internet---to report and write and make sense of the nonsense of our times.

Breitbart, who several days ago launched another BIG site Big Government, is pounding the drum harder and harder with the news of the MSM's imminent demise and the rise of Everyman in the quest for news and truth.

He uses the sickening story obtained by two young people who conjured up their own "sting operation" when they walked into an ACORN office in Baltimore to get help in setting up an under-aged brothel for young girls they told staff there they planned to import illegally from El Salvador. It's ALL on film, folks. You didn't see any of this on NBC, CBS, ABC, WaPo or NYT, did you? Of course not. And you won't. We the people are taking over the job of checks and balances of government because the MSM is fading away. We are the Fourth Estate. And thankfully, Breitbart is one of our shining leaders.

Meanwhile, Poor Jimmy is singing the racist blues...yet again.


Paul_In_Houston said...

Jon Stewart to state-run media: "You mean to tell me that two kids from the cast of High School Musical III broke this story with a video camera and their grandmother's chinchilla coat and you've got nothing?".

(H/T: Gateway Pundit )

Paul Gordon

Webutante said...

Great comment, thanks!

Ellen said...

The MSM is not covering it because it is a blatantand transparent attempt to attempt discredit anyone who is black, Democratic, or associated with the President. What you don't hear about on Fox News is that these actors went to several ACORN offices until they found people stupid enough to take the bait. It is a non-story except to those who want to stoke hate.

The 'right wing' media has been race baiting all week, Limbaugh telling us that in "Obama's America" that black kids beat up white kids on the school bus. It's really disgusting and you conservatives just eat it up.

Webutante said...

Ellen, your comment fails to convince me of anything and I totally disagree with its non-story status. I'm afraid the American people and taxpayers who support this group---of both political persuasions---will not be so cavalier as you.

Years ago while working as a (liberal) reporter, I was assigned to an undercover "sting" operation which nailed some off-duty policemen for fencing stolen goods. It was successful and PAGE 1 material for weeks.

These young people really put themselves up to it and did a bang-up job. Whatever comes from the shocking success of this, my hat is off to them and their ingenuity and the new media that has chosen to feature ACORN's disregard of the rule of law.