Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flu Shot Today

HAD A FLU SHOT TODAY at Walgreens for $24.99. Went in, filled out a form, signed in and sat down. My druggist came out and gave me a shot I didn't even feel. Said it was a dead (as opposed to live) culture, and I wouldn't feel very sick as a result. It took ten minutes and couldn't have been easier or more convenient.

Want to pass on some information the pharmacist told me in the process:

I asked if Walgreens was offering the swine flu nasal flu vaccine and he said he wasn't yet sure. He also reiterated that swine flu was most threatening to young adults and children who don't have the same immunity as the baby boomers and older. So people in their 50s and up aren't at as much risk of dying from swine flu, unless they're already ill.

He also said the injection he was giving me was for a strain of flu supposedly much worse than swine flu. I was shocked! He said it was good to get the vaccine this year, even if you don't usually get a flu shot every year (which I don't), because it was predicted to be a rough virus.

Maybe he was just saying that to drum up business. But I've known this druggist for years, and think he sincerely thinks this flu vaccine will be good protection from a wicked form of flu that will most likely arrive this winter. I'm glad I got it today and hope you'll consider getting one too.

These drug store clinics for routine ailments and prevention are one of the greatest medical innovations to come along in this country in a long time. And oh so very easy.


Anonymous said...

Actually, my husband and I both work in healthcare. A cardiologist at where I work said, "It's not even a very serious form of the flu," and my husband saw statistics that show 30,000/year die of the annual type of flu but only 5,000 are expected to die of the swine flu. It is the media "awfulizing" and creating crises to generate viewership/readership.

Webutante said...

Yes, more people actually die from the "regular" flu every year and no doubt the media "awfulizes" it to a great degree. However, that said, I feel so awful today after getting that vaccine yesterday---dead virus that it was---I'm glad I went ahead and got it.