Monday, April 27, 2009

The Week of Swine Madness Begins



Let us start with Andrew Breitbrt's column in Monday's Wasthington Times on the missteps and hypocrisy of the gay pride movement and how it threatens to send itself down the river, so to speak. I am not influenceable on the same-sex marriage issue because I stand on a bedrock principle that I believe was set by the Almighty. However for those who are, Perez Hilton is the poster child on how NOT to win friends and influence people to his cause. He gives a bad name to pigs to say the least.


As a former newspaper reporter, I learned one thing very well: the news media creates as much news as it reports---and I use the word reports loosely these days. Be that as it may, one of the main challenges to a reporter/writer of news is what to do on slow news days, especially over the slowest of days THE WEEKEND. A good reporter can make someone mad enough at someone else by a couple of phone calls on Saturday or Sunday to be a page one story by Monday. It's totally fabricated, and in my opinion dishonest.

Needless to say, I have been fascinated on the froth and madness over Swine Flu that's occurred over the past 48 hours in both the MSM and the alternate news outlets, such as DRUDGE. Goodness gracious! What a monumental and unchecked fear-fest it has been. The world is now in the gripes of mental swine flu if nothing else.

But it remains to be seen if there's really anything much to it. I tend to think it will be only a minor event, but I certainly could be wrong.


Tregonsee said...

My humorous interest in all this is the way the news is covering the administration's response. In the previous administration, everything which happened on or after 12:01 PM January 20th, 2001 was completely the current president's fault. In this administration, anything which happens after 12:01 PM January 20th 2009 is the previous president's fault.

Webutante said...

Truly ludicrous.

Paul Gordon said...

(h/t) InstapunditShannon Love: Swine Flu shows How We Live In Good Times"Being able to fret about just one serious communicable disease is a luxury beyond price."-

Webutante said...

Thanks Paul, great links...

Paul Gordon said...


Any idea how comments with links get the lines all jammed up together even though I put line spaces in to separate them?


web said...

No, I haven't the foggiest. Did you hit the space key? Or did you hit the enter key?

Paul Gordon said...

I usually hit the enter key, to make a new line of it, or hit it twice to put in a line space as well.

The frustrating thing is that the preview looks the way I want it to, and then the published version seems to delete line breaks.

This seems to only happen when I insert links. When I DON'T, things seem to work fine. As this one hasn't any links, I'll bet it works.

Don't worry TOO much about this; It's a LOOONG way from being at the top of my concerns.

I'll experiment some with future comments, and probably eventually figure it out.


web said...

maybe try hitting the space bar across and down, across and may be worth a try, but who knows....

Paul Gordon said...

BTW - Are "web" and "Webutante" one and the same?

I've noticed both, and am not quite sure whom I'm conversing with.


j said...

C'est moi....and remember a little confusion is the spice of life!

Paul Gordon said...

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Repeated with HTML tags: It may not be the links causing this behavior.Use of ANY HTML tags seems to cause the next line following the closure tag to join up to it without any intervening space.

Bet it close up that time.


Webutante said...

There it is,

Zoe said...

Webutante -

A little perpective: 100 people in America (on average) die from the flu every day. Take a moment. Yep. Pig hype.

The only newscaster I have heard mention statistics on the normal run of the mill flu is Brett Baier - and only in passing and not in a meaningful way.

And - re not catching a fish being AOK... Pish posh on that. The first time I brought a bonefish to the boat on a fly I became a greedy little devil angler. After a tarpon I had to get a rabies shot. Sorry about the foul winds. May your next trek be glass calm.