Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Sum Total of Obama's Foreign Policy Stance Redux

AS A CITIZEN BLOGGER I feel it my boundened duty to keep you well-informed of what's going on out in other parts of the world, especially my favorite world of the highway. To that end, I'm going out of my way to travel all the way to the East coast again, just for YOU, gentle reader! And to make sure you're getting informed by something beside just Drudge, Hollywood, Pajamas and assorted Tweeters (you know who you are). I mean they're all great, but I want to get you out of your comfort zone of reading long articles and short tweets and into the more basic flow and throttle of life in these heady times.To that end, how great is it that I found for YOU---this very afternoon off the Interstate-- the SUM TOTAL, IN ITS ENTIRETY of President Obama's foreign policy package on the back end of a car? I sure did, and posting it below. hope you like this condensed version of the Obama's foreign policy lovefest redux. So eat, drink, be merry and feast your eyes, for tomorrow we'll all be running for our lives out on the highway trying to escape the effects of this. But for now, just take it all in. And let me know if you have any questions. Meanwhile, I'll be scourging the far reaches of the highways and byways to find more stuff that hits the nail on the head.


Alfred T Newman said...

Ms Webutante pick up a copy of James Carville's new book "40 More Years. How The Democrats Will Rule The Next Generation." Should be a sobering experience for you right-wingers. Have a great trip to the land of liberals

Jungle Mom said...

I have lived 20 years in the land of Chavez. Not so great. I hope Alfred enjoys his time in the land of liberals and that it will resemble nothing of the Chavez Socialist paradise!(and that was sarcasm)