Saturday, April 4, 2009

Michelle and Carla

The New York Post Saturday has Michelle and Carla duking it out fashion-wise, and goes on to opine that Michelle got the upper hand over her French rival in the above long silk coat:

In one corner, Michelle called on one of her designer go- tos, New York-based Thakoon Panichgul, for a custom-made floral silk jacquard coat and contrasting dress.

In the other, Carla pulled out a velvet lamb skin coat and Babe bag by her favorite legendary Paris house of Dior.

Not so fast with the conclusion that Michelle won this one, in my opinion. I much, much prefer Carla's outfit. There's more softness and subtlety in her look. And I love the color (the NYP author dubbed it dowdy) and the three-quarter sleeves. While I suppose the larger-framed Michelle can carry off this floral print better than someone smaller like me, who'd look like I was dragging around a shower curtain, it still wouldn't be my first choice of outfits to be showcased in Europe. Nor the "winner" by a long shot.

At least we know that Michelle prefers sleeveless dresses and tops and long coats to anything else at all times of the year. So we'll be seeing more same in fashion mags, if anyone cares which I don't.

It's every woman for herself in this dowdy verses chic square off. But as for me, I'll take Carla's look any day, whatever that says about me.

Here's another pic of Carla that has understated, simple style. She knows what looks great on her (including the color) and yet she plays down her height with flats, so that she doesn't tower over her husband. Again, she wears a two-piece dress, rather than having the dress wear her.


Gerard said...

It might be better if, next time, Michelle didn't choose a print that looks as if a dog stepped in paint and then walked on the dress.

gcotharn said...

this seems appropriate to share:
Jacqueline and Caroline Lee Bouvier

gcotharn said...

That I am about to comment is quite hilarious, as I don't know what I am talking about. I comment only as one looks at art and describes - ignorance be damned - how the art affects them.

In this instance, Michelle did good. I like the coordinating dress she wore under the coat and later unleashed. She was bold - which is appropriate expression of her personality and her outlook on life; of her youth, her bold build, her professional accomplishment, and her general "I'm good enough to do anything!" brashness. Anyone is best when authentically expressing their personality. Michelle is not demure.

I have seen Michelle be bold in ways which were a bit askew; which did not bullseye the authenticity target. I've seen her be bold in inappropriate venues. I agree with your analysis of the occasional inappropriateness of her sleeveless looks. However, this occasion - galavanting with Ms. Bruni - was appropriate for bold self expression.

Both women were outstanding.

web said...

Thank you gentlemen for weighing on this one. I love to know what you think about ladies fashion.

Bob said...

As usual, I am with you on this one.

Nikki said...

Style always trumps fashion, IMO, so I vote Carla.

Love your blog -- especially the local updates in and around Music City, a favorite haunt of my younger years.


Webutante said...

Style is when you learn to make fashion work for you, rather than against you---including your best and worst atributes. Style is about wearing clothes, rather allowing clothes (and designers) to wear you.