Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Thinker Gets Down and Out Over Israel

IT'S PRETTY GLOOMY over at American Thinker tonight with not one, but two depressing articles--one on Israel (Farewell to Zion. Forever.) and anti-Semitism (We're all anti-Semites Now) at the top of the scroll.

Hey, fellas, Get. A. Grip. Take hold of yourselves. Surely you know that life is not always as it seems. Sure things may look pretty gloomy right now with Mr. Obama bowing and scraping to the Saudi king. It's disgusting, I agree. But, Israel is not going away anytime soon. And Reality has a way of changing course in the batting of an eye.

We're not, not, all anti-Semites now, and no one I know is ready or willing to say farewell to Israel now or anytime soon, no matter what our bouncy, puerile goof-ball president may say. Goodness gracious, you're depressing.

It's never, ever going to happen like you say. NEVER. That's not to say there won't be war in the Middle East involving Israel. There will and maybe soon. But it's not going to end the way you think or say. Just stay tuned and take some deep breaths.

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