Saturday, July 30, 2016

View of the Tetons Basically Till It Snows

BEEN A TOUGH SUMMER IN JACKSON HOLE. EXTREMELY DRY, HOT AND WINDY FOR DAYS, WEEKS ON END. All of us knew the forests would blow up into mega fires this year, but no one thought it would happen in the middle of July, rather than August.

Because of all this, I have---sadly---departed my favorite place many weeks ahead of schedule. I am back in Tennessee in heat and humidity, but grateful for the wonderful time I've had there this year and for many, many years past. Who knows what the future will bring? I will go back, but probably for smaller windows in the summer.

North Carolina, anyone?

People with heart or respiratory issues cannot endure this very toxic smoke and air quality for long.  Everyone who plans summer vacations here, should be aware of this possibility.  DuBois is very toxic too.  A good friend, fishing buddy, and his wife have just barely had their house saved from the massive Lava fires moving down from Togwotee towards Union Pass and DuBois.

It's mother nature re-balancing the ecosystem and cleaning out the debris, as it always does. Below, a mama grizzly with two cubs on the other side of her, says bye for now, as I cross over Togwotee.....


Tregonsee said...

I was able to steal a couple of days there in mid-October last year. Wonderful time of the year, even if you are only looking and not hunting.

Webutante said...

It's a great time to be there, Treg. Fall and the change of season happens much faster than in the east...

I often stayed in the early days, till almost November. Today, when the light starts changing, I like to come back sooner.