Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Democratic Convention Night 1


TUNED IN THE LAST NIGHT DURING THE LAST FEW MINUTES OF MICHELLE OBAMA'S ROUSING SPEECH AT THE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION.  It seemed  well-scripted and presented like a pro which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone after her seven-plus years as first lady.  I never cease to be amazed by what an Amazon Michelle is.

Following in Mrs. Obama's footsteps, though not with nearly the same pizazz and appeal, came the ever-dreary, dour Senator Elizabeth Warren.  I find it almost impossible to believe anyone was persuaded by anything she said.  For sure she was preaching to the choir, a choir which had already made up its mind long before  ever coming to the convention. I consider Warren to be filler-material, speaking talking points totally expected and too drab and hateful for words.

Moving on to more important subjects,  Megyn Kelly looked professional and perfect in a basic sleeveless black sheath with impeccable make-up and hair.  No matter how dull she may think it is, after some of last week's get-ups in Cleveland,  there's nothing better than basics for a real professional woman with a job to do, over the next few nights.  (The dress pictured above is not the exact dress she wore, but close enough to fit the bill---sleeveless, black, well-tailored.)

Going through google images for Megyn,  it's clear she looks best, and wears most frequently, outfits that are black, navy and white, in all seasons.  How can anything work for her better? Yes, she chooses various necklines, trims and jewelry, but sticking to the basics, as she did last night is always, ALWAYS, a winner.  Nice going, Megyn.


gcotharn said...

Yours is the only convention coverage which matters to me!

Webutante said...

HA! Hey Greg! Well for sure it's brief coverage. I fell asleep during Bill's wandering, sentimental 'love story' last night...