Thursday, July 21, 2016

Megyn Kelly's 'Outfit' Or Lacked Thereof Crossed the Line Into Inappropriate, Unprofessional For Me Last Night


WHILE THE WORLD HYPERVENTILATES TODAY over Mike Pence's outstanding VP acceptance speech,  Ted Cruz's lack of full-on support of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, Heidi Cruz's security exit from the hall and Ivanka Trump's angry  hand gestures over the Cruzs' lack of support, I was caught up on another, less talked about aspect at the GOP convention: Megyn Kelly's unprofessional, scanty camisole.

Whatever the temperature inside the venue, and I'm sure it was warm, Megyn's sparse top screamed unprofessional, overly casual and  inappropriate for national TV.  Yes, she's a beautiful woman who looks good in almost anything. But that doesn't mean she should wear anything.

She looked like she had just crawled out of the swimming pool, slicked her hair down and thrown a little eye liner and lip gloss on. (Others opined she looked like a cocktail waitress and a female escort, but  I'm sticking with my bathing suit theory.)

It's not that she was flaunting cleavage---which mercifully she wasn't. It's that as a trend setter and female role model, Kelly---now evidently a newly minted feminist role model and BFF with Sheryl Sandberg---needed to top  her  spaghetti straps off with a little more coverage, in my opinion.  Like a light summer linen jacket or sweater.

Gosh, for all I know,  behind that news desk, maybe all she was wearing was a bathing suit.

Megyn can do better.   Fox News can do better.  Hopefully tonight (Thursday) both will.

Meanwhile,   Ivanka Trump struck the perfect note and coverage last night fashion-wise:  cool, summery, feminine. The hemline of her dress is lovely.

One other thing while I'm getting it out of my system:

Megyn Kelly has accused Roger Ailes of inappropriate advances over ten years ago. Whether true or not, and I'm inclined to think it probably is---because almost all men will try something, sometimes around a talented, attractive, ambitious female.  Yet it can never be proven, especially this late in the game. However, two questions come to my mind: 1) Why do women dress the way Megyn did last night and not expect to be hit on by men? And 2) Why don't they come forward and say something sooner than a decade later? It couldn't be because they put ambition ahead of everything else and  are willing to use the man's, their employer's, obvious attraction, to further their career as far as they can. Only now, when Megyn has made it to the top of the heap, does she tattle on the man who made her a star. I'm not at all impressed.

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