Friday, July 22, 2016

Cut and Paste: Megyn Kelly's Distracting, Assymetry

OK.  It's not my life's calling to critique Megan Kelly's every fashion move. But she brought this on herself by wearing what looked like  a bathing suit to anchor day 3 of the GOP convention.  If nothing else, many people tuned in last night to see what Kelly was wearing.  Remember, it's all about ratings, ratings, ratings and don't think this broad doesn't know how to work that system.

Anyway,  Megan covered up more appropriately last night but the asymmetrical dress--or top---did nothing for me.   It looked like a jigsaw puzzle that was missing a key piece, a garment the alterations lady hadn't quite finished and and the beginning of a migraine headache.

Still it was better than the night of  vermicelli noodle straps.

Megan has clearly become a celebrity star rather than just a  beautiful, talented newswoman.  It's too bad.  She's trying so hard to be edgy on screen and runs the risk of having her clothes become a distraction.  I know going on camera five nights a week gets old and  routine. It's normal to want to spice things up a bit in the fashion department.  She does have a  great style. But Megyn---and her handlers---need not try so hard with gimmicks.  That's not her job.  In fact, it subtracts rather than adds to her overall presentation.

Actually, Megyn could take a few fashionista tips from Ivanka Trump who is an absolute knock-out in every way. Last night her basic,  perfectly fitted dress (from her clothing line at Macys and Nordstroms) set the stage for her triumphant presentation.

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