Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ladies In Black: Seen at the CNN Grill Smoozing With the Competetion

WITH LOTS OF RUMORS FLOATING AROUND about some of the Fox News heavies not speaking to Megyn Kelly off-camera because of her part in the Roger Ailes debacle, Megyn crossed over Wednesday night to the wild side with three body guards and Dana Perino to see CNN anchor Don Lemon (and Jeff Zucker and Anderson Cooper) and maybe have a couple shots of vodka and steak.

She's living dangerously in my opinion.

All this drama is frankly much more interesting than what is going on in front of the camera.(BTW,  I like Megyn's simple working girl look above.) But I really don't like what's going on at Fox. If she were to flee to, say CNN, I would NOT follow. I know there's got to be a lot of animosity for her dissing Roger years after the fact. There's also got to be plenty of internal jealousy about her incredible stardom at Fox. Got to be a tough time for everyone there.

 I just hope Megyn hasn't gotten to big for her britches. And gone too far in this feminist tangent with Sheryl Sandberg for her own good. When that happens, there's only one way to go.

Time will tell. I do know ultra fame is often much more difficult and challenging to negotiate. Being extremely talented, hardworking as well as great looking has its various  drawbacks which I'm sure Megyn is finding out.

One other thing: I certainly was hit by several bosses over the years, and one job I chose to leave to get away from a superior who didn't want to take no for an answer.  But going public with it, rather than dealing with it and moving on, to me, is a much better solution than the alternatives.  But we're living in a different era, I suppose.   


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