Thursday, October 2, 2014

Most Charming Funeral Ever---When I Go--- I Want The Dowager's Darling Ivy-Twined Wicker Casket!

IT WASN'T JUST THE ROYALTY OR 600 ADORING SERVANTS/STAFF LINING THE VILLAGE STREETS or the precious casket or beautiful fresh flowers---surely there were some Welch corgis running helter around--- that made this funeral so charming. It was the entire scene and happening, completing a long life in the countryside of England of the Dowager Duchess, of Devonshire, 93, and last of the Mitford sisters.
She extolled the virtues of country living, and what can I say, but I totally agree with her
Such a lovely way to be laid to rest. MEANWHILE OUR DISPUTED LAND IN THE CITY AND THE ONGOING TRESPASS BY ABE'S GARDEN BELOW:If you don't like the boundary dispute, then just destroy all the  trees,  excavate and destroy the ground away!  Then say they couldn't do anything about it.  

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