Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why There's Little Cause For Alarm Over Ebola In the U S In Spite of Pandemic Fear-mongering


WITH ONE REPORTED EBOLA CASE---WHAT WE KNOW OF THIS VISITING FOREIGNER--NOW HERE IN DALLAS, NO DOUBT THE MSM AS WELL AS THE CONSERVATIVE MEDIA IS REVVING UP TO PROMOTE EBOLA TERROR in a way that's worse than the terrible disease itself. It sells newspapers and gets gargantuan online hits as a new adrenaline high settles over our land. Ebola is not, NOT, the  airborne transmitted 1918 flu that killed millions.  Caution,  massive pandemic fear-mongering ahead.

Ebola----horrific as it is in parts of west Africa---doesn't spread by casual contact like the flu; rather it spreads through direct contact with more intimate body fluids in one-on-one encounters up close and personal, as well as in close health care settings where patients expose others by giving off every kind of body fluid imaginable. These desperately sick people need our immediate aid, support and prayers.

Business Insider has a good piece up on Why We Shouldn't Panic. I pray we can keep calm and carry on though the media and our president is going to play this for all it's worth . The contagion of fear and panic could spread with devastating effects.

If you do want to take extra precautions then

1) don't travel internationally unless you absolutely have to, especially to countries in West Africa;

 2) wash your hands with soap and hot water often after going out and about; shower and wash your hair more often if need be

3) take powerful probiotics daily to boost your immune system since 90% of immunity is in our large intestines...

Meanwhile,  carry on and let us earnestly pray for the true victims and their families and caregivers who are truly in harm's way of this terrible outbreak---isolated, terribly sick and alone.

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Bob said...

You're right about the media, and I hope you're right about the containability of the disease.