Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Keith Koffler Dishes on White House Fence Jumper Escapade Compliments of the New Touchy-Feely Feminized (Probably Disarmed) Secret Service

KEITH KOFFLER @WHITE HOUSE DOSSIER  HAS the full inside scoop --- everything you need to know and more---about the recent White House Fence Jumper Escapade.  Evidently, this interloper made it through the main entrance and all the way down to the Green Room, fortunately, not when a men's yoga class led by the First Lady was underway.  I can't help but think, this is just poetic justice for what's going on at our southern border...only thing we don't know is if this stunt was carried out by an illegal...what a gas that would be! His name, afterall is Gonzales....

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Bob said...

Oh my, that surely is a green room!

The man who fired shots into the two windows next to the Truman balcony also has an Hispanic last name: http://bobagard.blogspot.com/2014/09/dude-shoots-bullets-into-white-house.html