Monday, September 1, 2014

Hacked Nude Selfies-----Invasion of Privacy?

PLEASE,  HELP ME UNDERSTAND.  What dots am I not connecting about this non-story?

Let me get this straight:  narcissistic celebrity women who don't get enough attention already----ever----because 24/7/365 adoration is never sufficient---take lewd nude  selfies then upload them to the Internet? For reasons unknown to most of us, they do this without even thinking twice?  Then Surprise!  the inevitable hack job comes from pros from around the world, and they're incensed, shocked and horrified?  Incensed,  shocked and horrified,  I tell you!

Who in her right mind would do such a thing?  Is there not one iota of decorum or modesty left in the celebrity world? What pathetic role models these children trying-to-act-like- adults really are. How sad.  How utterly desperate.  How they are their own invasion of privacy.  And most of all,  what utter bores.

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