Friday, September 19, 2014


Liberal arts institutions — and the nations that establish them — are meant to be bastions of open discourse. They have no responsibility to protect their students from viewpoints that make them “uncomfortable.” But all over the supposedly tolerant West, radical leftists have used their distaste for Ali’s viewpoints to justify silencing her under the flexible and slanderous accusation of “hate speech.” They succeeded in the Netherlands. They succeeded at Brandeis. I’m proud to say they didn’t succeed at Yale — not this time, anyway. Ali did speak on Monday, to a packed house and a standing ovation. Free expression — the bedrock of academic inquiry — won the day. To that, I say, Boola Boola: this kind of victory is becoming all too rare.

CONCENTRATING, CONCENTRATING....a tad far forward but soooo much fun!  If you've ever done any paddling---canoe or kayak--- it's not  hard to get the knack, though your center of gravity is higher so you have to get the feel of that.  Otherwise,  it's great upper body exercise.

The guys at ISLE in California are the best and after sending me an inflatable which I did not like and knew I never would (too hard to inflate fully enough to stand on with any degree of stability),  they traded me for this little hard board which I'm simply crazy about.  Will get another  SUP next spring and try to drag friends and family to give it a try, after I've become a bit stronger on the board and can begin to help others.  LOOOOOVE THIS!  And the board is so much easier/lighter to carry and load in or on a car or truck than a kayak, making it much more accessible to use. Thanks to my bestest friend for supporting me in this and taking some photos.....wish he'd get out there with me. It will be fun to SUP on some small lakes this fall and watch the beautiful fall foliage unfold.