Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Morning, From My Bedroom Window....Zero Privacy, Maximum, Constant Noise From Abe's Garden After Destroying Our Beautiful Boundary Trees And Continuing To Trespass on Our Land

THESE GUYS ARE NOW AT EYE-EAR-NOSE-LUNG LEVEL TO US NOW,  less than 40' away and working away on some of our disputed property.  The constant noise is deafening. We have no quiet enjoyment or quality-of-life at this point.

This is what  happens when far too much development is allowed on a half-postage stamp of land in a dense residential neighborhood, with no  real accountability from Metro, the Metro Planning Commission or Metro Council. Abe's Garden is like the over-zealous step-sisters in Cinderella who try, try, try to fit their big feet into Cinderella's dainty Glass Slipper.

Our day in court is coming however.

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