Thursday, October 16, 2014

We Love You Darling Nina, and Are Praying For Your Complete Recovery

BEING CONFRONTED WITH A KILLING VIRUS AND DESPERATE ISOLATION ON TOP OF IT CAN'T BE EASY FOR ANYONE. Add to that,  this young nurse saw the frightening ravages of Ebola up close as she cared for Mr. Duncan  before he died.

 Let's pray for Nina as she's transferred to the NIH in Maryland, near where I've just arrived, as well as for all people worldwide struck with this horrific, life-threatening and alienating disease.

I do believe Nina will be okay with her good care and recent blood transfusion.  Her tears are healing and release many toxins and stresses.  

Meanwhile,  there are many, many others who need our constant prayers who may not fare so well.  Please join me in lifting them and their loved ones all up to our merciful God..

But by the Grace of God go any of us.

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