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Sunday---Dr. David Pence: Sacral Order, How Sex Roles Protect Life


THIS IS AN EXTRAORDINARY PIECE,  WELL WORTH READING AND CONTEMPLATING.  It is also the inverse of today's silly political and spiritual correctness.  Amen and Amen:

By Dr. David Pence

When 42-year-old Omar Gonzalez ran across the White House lawn on September 19, 2014, he entered the front door and overpowered the female guard on duty. He, then, was able to penetrate deep into the mansion before a man tackled him and stopped the intrusion. We don’t know all the details, but the fact that the vanquished guard was female was soon removed from the stories of major newspapers. Anonymous White House spokespersons said her gender was irrelevant. The first-ever female head of Secret Service who resigned last week got her promotion the old-fashioned way -- when a sex scandal removed a host of men from the service and she was selected to give the agency “credibility.” Was her failure to protect, and the female watchman’s lapse, a quirk of fate or the fitting fruit of our age?

The same God who endowed humans with the gift of life has also hard-wired our social nature to protect life in the face of danger and evil. The God of Nature and History knew there were both evil spirits and natural dangers. So, in fashioning humans, He imprinted us with the ability to form bonds of love and protection. He made motherhood and he made male protective groups. Males form protective groups to act in a contested world of foes. Our national love of pro football is an emotional testimony to this historical reality -- even during the silly weeks of the season when the warriors are forced to wear pink.

The great generational error of American public life has been the banishing of God as the primal social glue of the nation, and the deliberate inversion of the sexual protective order. Like many American errors, this started with an excess of good intentions and ended with a tyranny of thought-control enforced with a maze of regulations. We thought by banishing God we were respecting the religious liberty of the atheist; and by banishing sexual differences we were completing the civil rights movement, this time for the “sexually oppressed.”

But the American order which set men free for the highest of loves has been perverted. The God we are meant to serve has been banished from places of public honor. His name is everywhere taken in vain. Public thanks to God -- the most natural and human of all activities -- has been outlawed as coercion of atheist bystanders.  The liberty of publics to acknowledge the Living Presence of God -- a shared practice that distinguishes us from chimps -- has been sacrificed to an autonomous individual who will not honor God when others do.

When men lose their sense of the sacred Other, we soon lose our general ability to make fundamental distinctions -- most notably the sacred differences between men and women. A man who has lost his awe of God will be baffled by covering the female as a religious sign of purity and the interior life. To paraphrase Saint Paul to the Romans: when men substitute their wisdom for God’s, then men will become so disoriented as to lie with men as though they were women. Our sexual confusion was preceded by our loss of the Sacred. It further turns out that sexual confusion is very dangerous. Or as my daddy used to say, “When men lose their headship to the tribe’s women, they will eventually lose their heads to another tribe’s men. “

Different tasks require different kinds of communal association. Breast-feeding calls for a mother and child; procreation, a husband and wife; and social protection is best done by a male group, often a very large group. Men excel at forming large groups because brotherhood is fed by task completion, not by intimacy. To safeguard a culture of life, we must rebuild a culture of protection. We do that by honoring motherhood, and reconstructing the multicolored masculine brotherhood of American men. Consider these three arenas where the masculine bond is the missing answer to social breakdown.

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