Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Several Pieces Worth A Look

FIRST: HOW MUCH RESPONSIBILITY MUST THE PARENTS of Jared Loughner ultimately take for their son's horrific crime spree last week in Tucson that killed 6 and wounded more than twice that number?

Kyle-Anne Shriver writes at Pajamas Media. She wonders how a kid living at home who's dropped out of high school with drug, alcohol and mental problems and has no visible means of support gets the money to buy guns and ammunition on top of drugs and alcohol? It's a good question in this era of ever-increasing permissiveness, low to no consequences for bad behavior and child-focused families.

I mean, it isn't rocket science that a lot of balls were dropped in the last few years leading up to this disaster, and one of them was the parental supervision ball before and during Jared's downward spiral into insanity. They needed help, their child desperatedly needed help. And society needed to be protected from this young man's increasing menacing, erratic behavior.

If we don't ask these questions and assess some responsibility, however painful, then we can certainly expect this to happen more.

SECOND: SAW THIS PIECE ON CNBC and find it fascinating:

Even as the far left decries it, President Obama is moving to the center on fiscal matters and the U.S. economy. Someone has finally gotten through to him that if he wants to be re-elected to a second term then he needs to get serious about job creation in the next few years. This includes business tax incentives and easing of regulations that stiffle profits and hinders jobs.

Since the president wants to be re-elected more than he wants to kill the economy, it seems that the loosening of the noose on business---large and small---is at hand. That could be good news for all of us.

Stay tuned.


William said...

Interesting new polls:
ABC/Washington Post -
52 percent of Americans now hold unfavorable views of the tea party, a new high.
Only 35% of Americans like the Tea Party, about the same number that like Saudi Arabia. Compare this with Russia, the country that Republicans love to demagogue — has a net-positive 47/45 favorable rating.

Even socialism, is viewed more favorably than the Tea Party - 36% of Americans view socialism favorably.

Obama's favorability is now 16 points ahead of where Reagan was at this point in his presidency and employment is 1% lower.

The right leaning outlier poll, Rasmussen has been proven inaccurate and a fraud.

Webutante said...

OK William you've gotten your one comment here for the month. Now you can go back to your Rush Limbaugh show....