Saturday, January 8, 2011

To Ladies of The (Latest) Blizzard

DEAR GIRL FRIENDS, You look toasty warm. I commend you also for staying vertical in the new round of snow in Manhattan. Keep up the good work! Think I've been in every major East coast snowstorm of 20'' or more--between D.C. and New York City--in the past 12 months. So I've decided to sit this one out. Hope you don't mind. I'm on my way to where the sun don't never stop shining and the weather forecast is a scandalous sunny and 70s for the next week!

Thanks for holding down the snow fort. Will send a postcard with Saguaro cacti and a few lizards. Meanwhile, watch out for falling limbs in Central Park and stay warm and upright. Oh and give Mike my regards. I'm sure he'll be working overtime on snow removal for the rest of the winter, or the rest of his life, whichever comes first.

Warmest wishes,

1 comment:

Paul_In_Houston said...

"Will send a postcard with Saguaro cacti and a few lizards."

When words are a dagger, that is known as
"sticking it in and breaking it off".

Evil. You are evil!!! :-)

(Coming from one who lives in a place where ONE inch would count as a blizzard. :-)