Monday, January 18, 2010

Three Fashion Winners at the Golden Globes

MEANWHILE and ELSEWHERESOFIA, above, needn't have done anything else but stand there last night in that exact pose to win my best dressed award. No dress---however wonderful-- is ever complete without the proper attitude combined with the proper pose and she's certainly struck it here. What a fab color combo with that hair and olive skin. Who knows if the locks are all hers. Who cares at the moment? She looks wonderful and gets my best dressed award hands down.
Sandra looks extremely well in more color than she wore when she last walked the red carpet recently in a nude colored wash-out. Last night she gave herself a fashion blood transfusion and couldn't have looked better in the process. Very feminine without overdoing it. She's redefining her image in many ways recently and I like all of them.
Who can deny Jennifer combined cut, color, coif, carriage and curves to carry off one of the best coutures of this celebrity-fest? Cruly creamy.


gcotharn said...

I don't know Sofia, but she is striking.

I liked Christina Hendricks And her dress. It was a Hollywood event, and she wore a Hollywood dress. I like it when actresses have fun dressing glamourously and being photographed. It's a campy occasion, and actresses ought have fun with it. How many times in life do you get to dress up your best body and face in maximum glamour? Christina enjoyed it, and I liked that.

C said...

I loved the fashion photos from the Golden Globe awards. Those are three of the most beautiful gowns I have seen in a very long time. Isn't it nice to see dreses that are tasteful, beautiful/unique colors and lady like.

This is almost too much for me all at once. The Second American Revolution and a return to sophisticated yet ladylike fashion all at once!

Webutante said...

Agreed, C, these gowns are exceptional and tres ladylike.

I'm sure we'll chat tonight as the returns come in...