Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Winner of the Dazzling Night Skyline Award: St Louis MO

SOME OF THE WORST pics I've ever taken and from a vantage point that doesn't do any of it justice. However, without any doubt the best night skyline I've seen in a long, long time is St. Louis with its great silver Arch. Only now, there's a new building ablaze with red which sets the whole cityscape off along the Mississippi River in a way that almost takes my breath away. Simply fabulous. I've looked online to find a better pic that I could us but there isn't one yet. The above photo is from the highway and doesn't begin to show the magic of the two reflected from the river, but somehow it all works together to create a unique and wonderful visual experience at night.

Nothing like a dash of red to bring a lot of metal and concrete alive in a vibrant new way at night. Whatever the architects did in concert with the city, trust me, it works! Now if I could just find a photo of the new night skyline!


Pam said...

It is much more interesting at night than in the daylight. Of course when I spent some time there, it was in the dead of winter. I just remember everything looking dingy and dirty to this Florida girl! It was amazing to ride to the top of that arch and look out over the city! I was with my sister Rita and her hubby. Jackie was just a baby. We stopped there on our way to Mexico!

That red blaze is amazing!

Paul Gordon said...

Good luck with your search for a decent photo.

Meanwhile, I took your original and tweaked it a bit, using Truview
Some of your friends may be able to do better with it (maybe a LOT better).

In any case, FWIW, I've attached the result

Webutante said...

Thanks so much Pam and Paul. Paul that was a good edit. I was able to save it in my pictures but when I went to open it, I couldn't do it in a straight forward way. So can't reproduce here. It looked great though!

Paul Gordon said...

Sorry about that.

If any of your friends have PhotoFlair, any version of PhotoShop, or any other editing software, you might let them play with copies of your originals a bit.

You'd be surprised at what's possible.