Monday, August 24, 2009

Sweet Smack Down

FRIGHTENING UPDATE: Oregon's End-of-Life Health Care Rationing. If you need a late-age abortion, you're in luck! You'll get to go ahead of a person who needs a politically incorrect emergency appendectomy. I'll tell you, those ole bureaucrats really know how to prioritize....


Rep. Brian Baird takes questions and comments from an ex-Marine. How sweet it is. No question that Obama and the liberals in Congress have succeeded in so radically polarizing this country that I wonder if we're not nearing some kind of tipping point.

H/T RWS and HotAir


jAne said...

I don't think 'o' and his legions anticipated the fierce patriotism of true Americans. I hope and pray that our stance will have a lasting effect on this administration.


Webutante said...

We've got to keep the heat on, jAne!