Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday, Poetic Justice

I HAVE ONLY ONE thing to say about page 425 of the proposed health care reform bill now winding its way through Congress. That's the page that mandates euthanasia counselling every five years for the elderly on Medicare (aren't we all supposed to be herded and corralled into government mandated care now?):

Poetic Justice.

For five generations we've vehemently fought for and executed the right to take life on the front end through our inalienable demand to choose the quick fix of convenient abortion---early, then later and now full term fetuses. Why then should it come as a surprise or shock that we're about to make legal the taking of life on the back end of life for the elderly, the sick of all ages and the infirmed? It's two sides of the same deathly coin: like man-made global warming, we now want quick fix, man-made life-and-death decisions in the palm of our hands. Life is no longer sacred. It's up for political grabs from cradle to grave. It's about to be a matter of regulation and bureaucratic decision making. It's the ultimate politicization of the miracle of life and death. And it will only seem to work in the short-run.

God has has been, is and always will be in control. And will only allow this foolishness to go on for so long.

We don't have to worry about far-away, future judgment for our past half-century of depravity and killing of millions of unborn children in America. The judgment of our ways are now arriving and being thrust in our faces in the forms of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Waxman et al fast tracking the health reform bill. The bell tolls for a culture of death, divorce and destruction--long since established in the United States--and it's about to toll for you and me.

Satan never takes us over when we face difficulties and hardships that build character. Rather Evil comes on us through making things seem glamorous, cool and oh so au current and convenient. He has us when he adds a strong beat, a little rap, dark glasses to make our death cult seem all so harmless, human, cool and fun. The result is recreational rap-life, rap-sex, rap-marriage, rap-divorce, rap-abortion and soon rap-euthansia around us everywhere.

God help, have mercy on us all and our country.


PROVERBS 2: Wisdom

Wisdom must be sought after with our entire being.

INSIGHT: Nothing of value is easily obtained. If it were, it would no longer be valuable. Inherent within the concept of value is the feature of scarcity. If all gravel were made of pure gold, then gold would not be valuable. The same is true with intangibles like wisdom. She is an exceedingly valuable life commodity, but she is not easy to come by. If we want wisdom, we must incline our ears, apply our hearts, cry for her, lift our voice for her, seek her as we would silver, and search for her as for hidden treasures (vv. 2-4). Then, and only then, will we understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God (v. 5).

---Walk Through the Bible's daily devotional

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